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02 May 2012
Arie & Yanti
You Complete Me
Love is Sweet Like,,
This must be the most unique engagement ever! Well, maybe at the first glance, you might not notice any differences with this party. You know, flower, ribbon, something cute and pretty, yeeaaah.. But wait! Did you see those black colors? It’s everywhere. We mean EVERYWHERE! Did you think that’s kind a weird for seeing black color in engagement’s party? Well, you guess!!

First, we want to introduce you our couple. They are Arie and Yanti. Believe us, Arie and Yanti is a unique couple, literally. They had such a weird yet extraordinary willing with their engagement day and –their most important day ever- their wedding day. You may see their uniqueness from the decoration on their engagement day, mostly it’s red and black. Well, red is a common color for Chinese party since it represents of happiness and wealth, so this color believed as a great color for a celebration. But black? Oh come on! It’s cool! Nobody think about black on their party, right? We don’t know, but this couple really made black into something special. See? The Oreo? It’s black, but it never failed to make you feel happy with the taste.

Sweet tooth, anyone?

Photograph by - Recordance
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