19 October 2014
Sandy & Anya
You are my missing puzzle
He is my missing puzzle, i'm complete now.
Who's the "mandatory value" will be explain on someone's wedding? Everybody gonna be said," The Bride!". But this is different! The Bride's grandfather owned this wedding! !

When you ask Anya about her lovely grandpa, she will close her eyes and start to explain how she is proud to have him and learn a lot from him. He is such a simple guy who's so greatful of his life. That's why Anya choose backyard as her wedding venue for always remember how the grandpa teach her to be thankful to God for the nature, whispered of the birdsong, the free oxygen and the lovely family.

Everybody want something different on their wedding day, same with Anya. She is not riding a fancy wedding car, but wait! She's riding that fancy American Muscle bike with her daddy and all another Harley Davidson's bikers squad behind.

Remember the famous quote " life like a puzzle", Anya and Sandy take that as their details of the wedding. They choose one of their favorite's photo into pieces of puzzle. Every guests need to write their wishes in the back of each puzzle and start to help Anya and Sandy finish the puzzle.
For Sandy and Anya,every guest is not a guest. They help Anya and Sandy to complete their puzzle of life to reach a bless married life.
That's why The couple try so hard to designed a memorable wedding. The family and friends are the most important for them. For Sandy and Anya, each person always counts for now and forever.

Warm Regard,

Photograph by : Picture Photography
Videograph by : Save the Date
Decoration by : Posh Decoration
Make Up by : Niken Xu
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