20 December 2014
When the history of love was begun
the witness of our love
The Batik touch in Steve and Stella’s wedding party blends perfectly with the scenery in that room, a place that is full of the history of Surabaya City, Majapahit Hotel, which they have chosen to witness their wedding vows. The bride’s gown is beautifully dresses Stella, it is a unique mixture of Kebaya (a Javanese blouse) with a modern vogue, and the scheme also goes the same with the bridesmaid’s gowns. Who would ever guess that lace and tile fabric would exemplary go in tune with a brown Batik? Well, this is what happened when God unite a fashion designer with a Batik craftsman! You could really feel that the art is filling the air.

Steve & Stella using a dominant-white decoration for they night party, for their really fond with snow, and with everything that has anything to do about winter. Not like a usual party, they have their own Batik Fashion show ! Such a well-turned and an elegant party to attend.

It is very important to collide the things that we adore with the things that we have mastered, to create an unforgettable party, that consist of the story and the love within it. :)

Warm Regard,

Photograph by : Pyara Photography
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