12 April 2016
Benny & Leni
Daddy's little girl
Walking like The Beatles to meet the beautiful bride is such a unique idea which come out from Benny. Benny, as a photographer has a lot of idea to made his day special. With a full struggle the day before, with the help from the groomsmen. Finally the hand bouquet got delivered to the bride and the bridesmaids.

"Daddy's little girl", Leni always adored her father. That's why she dedicated a short clip to show how dee her love to her father. "Daddy has a perfect rule to find a husband. He loves my mom with all of his life. The most important thing in his life is my mom. The only person who can reflect my dad is Benny. Only Benny can made my heart say yes without exception"

All the families and guests can feel the love at their wedding day, everybody's so deep in the feeling. The closeness bring them from one surprise to another.
Their family and friends gave a big present, a ticket for honeymoon. Such a lovely moment to share with!
Happy honeymoon Benny and Leni! Cant wait for a good news!


Wedding Planner : Twogather Wedding Planner
Photograph : Pluvia, Freddy Wijaya, Johan Winata, Freddy Wijaya - Fotografia, Johan Winarto - Beyond , Victor Ho - Kansha, Yohanes - Pictura , Reo Sinarta - Satu , Trigusti - Hong
Videograph : Paulus Rixal - Papilon Films, Johan Record
Invitation & Souvenir : Surya Souvenir
Venue : Shangri-La
Bridal : Ovan Putri
MC : Ivan & Meity
Orchestra : David All Star
Sound & Lighting : Lasika
Decoration : Sion
Cake : Femy's Cake
Special Effect : Fantation
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