15 June 2016
Reynaldo & Yessica
Love From Our Families
A trophy with label "The most helpful and good team work between Bride, groom and family" will be given to Reynaldo and Yessica and all the family!

With the highest responsibility, Reynaldo and Yessica, made their wedding day become a memorable day. not only for them but for all the family and friends. they are realize wedding not only about two person, but two different family and two different world. When the different can work together, lets made a wonderful team for a great wedding!
We are as a Wedding planner, feel so blessed have a chance to be a part of this team.

When you love someone an impossible thing will be a small thing. Reynaldo want to show how deep his feeling to Yessica, his lovely one. born with a million idea, Reynaldo want to have a Hanging Wedding cake on the wedding day. With a long conversation and brainstorming with all the vendor, The groom, Reynaldo, work together and made his dream come true. How happy Yessica because she's know, Reynaldo will do anything for her happiness.
Happy wedding Reynaldo and Yessica!

Warm Regards,

Venue : Grandcity 3th Floor
Photograph : Pyara
Video : Mocca
Hair & Make up : Malvava
Bridal : Bluebell
Flowers & Decoration : Sion
Lighting : Lasika
Effect : Blooms
Wedding Cake : Vivi Cake
Souvenir : Lollipop
Music : Stradivari

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