11 October 2016
Arnold & Tiffany
My Favorite lunch Menu
Begin with an ordinary lunch, Tiffany come to Arnold's restaurant. She was ask about some menu for her lunch and Arnold said that she can order ANYTHING. "How if I order you for my lunch?", said Tiffany just for kidding. But that was the first special impression that makes Chef, Arnold can't stop thinking about Tiffany since that day they were met.

Tiffany and Arnold, hmm let us said they are perfect! Who didn't know Chef Arnold? The cute famous chef who always show up whenever you turn on your television. But who know his heart? Only Tiffany! The girl who's walking with Marsala gown as the symbol her appetite of life make this Engagement day so elegant yet warmth.
Everything become more special since Tiffany entrance the dining area and sing Happy Birthday for the groom to be. Everybody sing along together also Butter, Arnold's bestfriend! if you attend this engagement you will be look the cutest family picture between Arnold, Tiffany and their kids, Butter! Happy E-day for Butter parent !

With Love,


Photograph : Summerstory Photography
Videograph : Mocca
MUA : Malvava
Hair do : Tominjoo
Gown : Janesa Telier
Suit : Wong Hang Tailor
Decoration : Posh Decoration
Flower & Bouquete : Angie Fior
Hampers : Royal Hampers
Baki : Tia Collection
Engagement Cake : Lareia Cake
Music : David Allstar

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