05 April 2018

As many of you might see everywhere, weddings in Bali are often related to a simple, minimalistic rustic concept. If people want to go big with the sparkly effect why not held it in a big majestic ballroom? Well who said you should go with the classic rule? This lovely couple came all the way from Singapore to celebrate their glamorous wedding under Bali’s shining night sky. Not only they were having a blast but also they cease to amaze their entire guest.

As many of you have guessed from the color of the invitation and her bouquet, she’s a big fan of purple. With her glamorous concept, the color just fits like a glove. As far as the couple’s preparation goes, everything was fully relaxing. She and the girls drank a glass of champagne at the villa and he also shared a bottle with the guys.

The matrimony was held at Ritz Carlton’s glistening chapel, everyone was taking countless pictures in front of the chapel itself. I mean who wouldn’t? It was located right before the sea and you can see the sand binding with it. The ceremony was earnest; looking at two souls, two individuals becoming one in family never fails to melt us.

Now back to the reception, it was no kidding when she said she wanted the stars to show. We managed to put fairy lights all round the entire place and make them look like the sky is shining. Talking about fun, look at the seven layers tall cake! It sure did blow the couple off, like the picture doesn’t explain it all already.

Overall it was an amazing night, the bride even managed to dance hard with her dad in those dress. Everyone had a blast, the food, the music, the spectacular fireworks was all spot on.

Photography : Axioo - Donny & Aldo
Videography: Axioo - Robb
Makeup: Eva Lovira
Decoration: Ailuosi Decor
Night gown: Sebastian Gunawan
Venue: Ritz Carlton
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