10 April 2018

It was mid August, on the 17th to be exact, Indonesia’s independence day. It’s a national holiday for us all and of course the perfect day to take your family and friends for a getaway. The weather was lovely; it’s sunny and bright but no longer scorching hot since we got the breeze form Australia’s wind.

The couple came about four days in advance to prepare the little bits and details needed for their wedding. Since we’ve been in seeing each other for quite awhile there’s one thing that caught our attention, the groom couldn’t take his eyes from her! Even in our hours of meetings and discussion he still catches glimpse of her once in awhile.

Just like how they are, their wedding day was also filled with love and laughter. Surrounded by friends and family, in a beautiful private villa everyone managed to have an unforgettable memory. They boys went swimming under the blazing sun and the girls had fun playing dress up in their room.
The villa has one corner located in the roof on the left side of the building that looks absolutely breath taking, we decided to use that spot as their ‘first-look’. It’s a tradition when the groom sees the bride right before their ceremony. They sky was blue, the wind was blowing and it was such a romantic set-up. Evening came as we witness our bride walk down the aisle on her dad’s right arm, exchanging vow with her now husband.
The whole set-up was based on pastels; pink, peach and white, everything including their matrimony arch, the bridal table and even the centerpiece. You might think that its way too girly, try again, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Its sweet and elegant, all of the things you wanted for a wedding. The dinner reception went by like a flash; everyone was having a great time that it just flies by like a lightning. And one more, for couples who came from outside the island, it might be a good idea to show a little bit of Bali through this kind of fire dance entertainment, definitely a showstopper.

Fast forward to their first dance, they wanted to do something a little bit different; they ask their parents to dance along with them. Our couple seems to be absorbed with one another, we told them the day before “don’t mind the others, dance like no one’s watching”, they listened and it showed. It may sound cheesy but we truly felt that love is in the air.

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