10 October 2014
50th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. Subjahta Widjaja & Mrs. Lenny Lehman
True Love Never Ends
Have you ever think about living your marriage in decades and stay fall in love like over and over again at same person?

Mr. Subjahta Widjaja and Mrs. Lenny Lehman have undergone their married life for 50 years! We feel excited to involve in their wedding anniversary party. So, for their special day, we tried to create something special too. Since Mrs. Lenny loves garden, we decided to make a ‘garden feel’ all around. We were juggling the VIP table into beautiful place with so many flowers. We also added tea to sweeten the atmosphere.
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05 October 2014
A Night To Remember
Selwyn & Vitri
Never Ending Story
"Dear my eyes, when I'm old, keep reminding me that the most beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen are Vitri's.. And my lips, please keep reminding me that the only lips I wanted to kiss is Vitri's lips.." –Selwyn
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28 September 2014
Diversity for Universal Love
Yusak & Ina
When Love Binds Everything

“Separated by the sea
Live in different lands
With different culture and personality
Met each other by destiny
They must learn and fight to win their love..” –Motion Addict
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13 September 2014
Story About Destiny
Agung & Lydia
Do You Believe in Soul Mate?
“Been dating when they were young,
11 years ago, broke up, separated for years because of educational reason.
One gone to the US, one gone to the OZ
But somehow they decided to be back in Indonesia for good,
met in a friend's wedding, and suddenly got the sparks back” –Elfrans
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07 September 2014
Story of Superhero and Ballerina
Edo & Vero
When Iron Man Meets Odette
Edo and Vero is a super cute and fun couple. Be their wedding planner was such an honor for us. There’s no tense in their morning procession. They were so calm and enjoyed every moment they had. Even they were joking around in their first meeting.
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