22 December 2013
I love You To The Moon And Back
Samuel & Lydia
Have You Ever Think About Love at The First Sight?
"I love him and I never know when and why I am ready but I love this guy and I want to be by his side to smile with him when he is happy and to let him lean on me when he has burdens, I want to be his strength, his world, his trash can, his… anything he needs me to be because he is my everything." – Lydia
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21 December 2013
Baby, I Love Your Way
Peter & Melina
Make Me Feel Your Love
How did you feel when your best friend asked you to handle their wedding day? For us, that was a great moment when we could see and involved in the most important day of our bestfriend's. We've known Peter for a long time. We knew him as our friend in church. He is kind of a calm man and we got a little surprised when Peter dating Melina. For us, they look like have a love-hate kind of relationship. They often arguing, then they're going fine after, and then back in arguing all the times. In very short time. It just likes mood swing. Lol.
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14 December 2013
It Has To Be You
William& Felita
Because You'll Always Be My Everything
"I will love you until always, I will love you. Like this moment right now, more than anyone in this world. I will love you. I can arouse your curiosity by saying difficult words. I can spend this night with that common game. But I want you to know my heart now. I will love you more than anyone in this world."
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26 October 2013
P.S. I Love You
Eddy & Arvina
Story of Faith and Destiny of Love
Every couple has a story to tell. A story of faith and love. Starting relationship, fighting for some reason, break up, and maybe, built their relationship again. Here we would tell you about the love story of Eddy and Arvina. Eddy and Arvina have through their love story for nine years, and known each other for thirteen years. They began their relationship since the first year in high school until mid- lecture. They finally broke up for four years, but in the end they were back dating and decided to get married.
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23 October 2013
Story of a Fairy Tale
Randy & Cecilia
With Every Great Love, Comes a Great Story
For some people, marriage is a certainty, and for others, marriage is a luxury. This is not about celebration. It's about guts and courage. Maybe for a girl, a wedding is a dream, where she wore the best dress, the most beautiful makeup, sweetest laughs, and of course, a bundle of joy which thrown into the air. Randy and Cecil were married on October 23, 2013. With royal garden themed party, the bride and groom spent their blissful night in the midst of their loved ones.
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