19 October 2013
Growing Old With You
Andika & Felita
You are My Love and My Life
I am very blessed to meet someone like you who teach me what love is. It is the patient you showed when I am getting stubborn. It is the kindness in your eyes every time you looked at me. It is the care I felt when you always keep me safe. You make me laugh, and let me cry on your shoulder. I know that it is not easy for us to keep this relationship. We have broken up for several times, but GOD leads us to the same destination. I believe in you, the one who will grow old by my side.
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28 September 2013
One Night When I Kiss You,,
Sofian & Amelia
When You Tell Me That You Love Me
It might spent time for years from the first time till the time when we have to tied the knot. I knew you were the one for me, the one who I’ll spend my life with. I’m very happy and grateful that you came into my life. The way you treated me let me know that you want to change me to be a better person.
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08 September 2013
He Could Be My Everything
Daniel & Aprillia
Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic
When we met April and Daniel, we felt like they are a same person but with different package. We found that they love each other because they have the same hobbies. They often spend time together to watch Korean movies.
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01 September 2013
Dance To The Music
Yoyo & Yosephin
Sing, Dance, Get Married!
When we met this couple at the first time, we thought that they are a very energetic couple. Yoyo loves to sing, and Yosephin loves to dance. How does it sound? Sexy! Their love story began ten years ago,on September 1st 2003 in high school. So, can you imagine how their love story filled with dynamic life of a high school thing? We all know that high school's life was great! Fresh and fun!
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10 March 2013
Let Me Be Your Superhero, Baby
Leo & Sherly
'I am a Superhero, My Name is YOUR-MAN'
Have you ever thinking about person who is always help you solved any problem? Let’s say, like pick you up into office? Or maybe bought you any medicine when you’re sick? Ever noticed the simplest one like listen up your story? The one who is always lend his arm to you when you’re not feeling well. The one who’s can do everything when the other can’t do. And the one who always make you think “if it is not you, it won’t be perfect’.
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