09 December 2012
You Give Me Something
Oscar & Cindy
What Makes Us Fall Into Love
..You give me something
That makes me scared alright
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try
Please give me something
Because someday I might call you from my heart..

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08 December 2012
I'll Love You For a Thousand Years
Indra & Ovina
This is More Than a Romantic Movie
Involved in their wedding day made us think about A Thousand Years song. I don't know why, but it just fits for both of them. Watched Indra kissed Ovina at that day gave me a quick film played in my mind. You know, things like aisle which full of flower, beautiful garden, and a prince who picked his princess had spin around in my head. Majapahit Hotel, blooming flowers, rose petals, lovely aisle, and the wedding gown truly brought me into fairyland.
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01 December 2012
Christmas With Love
Wira & Yuyu
A Day To Remember
The most memorable moments at your wedding is probably when you have taken your vows. Your lips may trembling, tears hanging on eyes, and your hands may not even stop sweating. Yes, it was the moment where happiness and responsibility for a marriage begins.
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02 November 2012
You Are My Only One
Teddy & Olivia
I Choose To Love You
Being a part of your life is my little happiness,
Given the opportunity to please you is my happiness today, tomorrow, and the day after ..
Be by your side, is happy for the rest of my life
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16 September 2012
Sweet Twins Wedding
Yan - Fely & San - Susan
Because Two is Better Than One
This wedding is so new for us, because the grooms are twin brothers. They are San and Yan. This is the most unique wedding we have ever seen. It is somehow awesome and also funny to see. San is Yan's brother, and they are identical brothers who are only 13 minuets different on their birth day. When we met their parents, San-Yan's mother told a story about when San called his mother from Melbourne in the morning to ask for a license to wed Susan, on the same day in the evening, Yan who was at Surabaya also called her for the same reason, to wed Fely.
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