04 August 2012
Because Dream May Come True
Mike & Nat
This What Gentleman Should Do
Starting from Mike's affection to Natalia since their very first meet. On their first day meeting, Natalia was still with her boyfriend. This broke Mike's heart, but after the next few months of life, they finally found their same interest in laughter sharing. Mike's love on her was still on fire, until somehow, Mike opened Natalia's Facebook and unexpectedly found out that she was single already in status. Since then, he got more spirit to get closer to her.
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06 May 2012
Loving by Accepting
Arik & Gerina
It’s about the feeling, that’s what matters
You can’t have a high without a low. Just like how without darkness, there is no light.
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11 March 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Surprise
Bambang & Marilyne
There Are So Many Surprise To Come
This couple has an amazing love story. We are so proud to be the witnesses in their wedding day. Here is a little piece of their story on their special day. For their big day, Marilyne made a 6 layered handmade paper tart, which tells us about their amazing love story. She poured out their love story on it. It tells us about their first meeting, on 17th June 2006, continued with the story of their relationship on 17th August 2006, about their long distance relationship, and still many more.
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12 February 2012
Moving Like Jagger
Arie & Yanti
Welcome To The Party !!
Since the first time we met them. They always said that they want a creative concept of wedding. They really have a good taste in music. They even want fast beat music in their wedding. After we understand who they really are, we got to find the wedding concept that really represents who they are. First of all let us introduce to you who is Arie and Yanti. Arie loves to hang out with his friends. He loves to play games, go to café, and party. They really love beers. Yanti is a romantic woman. They have been in relationship when they were in school. When they are together, they become a romantic and fun couple.
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16 October 2011
Dream Wedding
Win & Erica
Life, Love, Laugh !
We’re already knew Erica for a long time. She’s family member of Twogather Wedding Planner. Win and Erica loves unique things and different for their wedding day. They told us that they want to have a warm and intimate party. So we chose Garden Party concept for their wedding day. With sunset as background for their holy matrimony, continued by wedding reception, this wedding become different than any other.We really had a great time together. One week before wedding day, Win and Erica had their own private party with bestman and bridesmaid. They did fun things. Win and his bestman, prepared to dance and sing on Win’s wedding day. Erica with her beloved bridesmaid, also prepared bunch of funny games that will make everyone laugh out loudly. Wow such a great time with them.
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