24 September 2011
I Will Always Love You
Tommy & Desy
The more we wonder, the more we love
We knew Tommy as a patient and true guy. Desy, is a fun and open woman. Their characters complete each other.Tommy is a sportman, he loves badminton so much. He is one of the best badminton player in our church. Lately, he also got interested in motor sport. Desy is so good on drama, now she is the drama team leader in our church.
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17 September 2011
When The Love Falls
Michael & Levy
Love is When I Love You
Love is when my smile looks beautiful
whenever I remember his face
Love is when my eyes are amazing
since he is the only one I see
Love is when I dream a fairy tale about us
‘coz I think about him every second I have
Love is when I am angry with him
and forgive him in the same time
Love is when he looks cooler with that old shirt
even more than the sexiest super model in the world
Love is when bananas taste great
after he said so
Love is when I don’t want to lock the door
as I believe in him with all of my heart
Love is when I love him

-Maria Jaclyn-
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23 January 2011
Love is a Challenge
Konggo & Lusy
Keep Believing For Your Hope
Konggo and Lusy is a very special couple for us. Konggo is our old time friend from High School days, we knew him for about 15 years. He was the most popular student’s council (OSIS) back there in high school. He is a nice, funny, sweet & romantic person. Whereas, Lusy is a sweet and beautiful person. They are just perfect to each other.We were so inspired by their love story.
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