23 May 2017
Her Dreams and Taste
Joshua & Sherly
Dreamy Ambience
We’ve never seen a real life princess before meeting her. The wedding day itself truly reflects her dreams and taste. He has been chasing her for two whole years, but never got an answer. Until she realizes that they are meant to be.
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19 May 2017
Silver Stars Reflection
Gilbert & Fenny
Midnight Sky
A wedding concept inspired from the midnight sky. Little diamonds spotted reflecting the earth’s shine. We want every décor detail and atmosphere to reflect the concept. Every corner shined like the stars above, an ambience that would make the guests feel like they’re up above the mountains gazing upon the stars.
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15 May 2017
Tropical Smirky Fun
Jeff & Liana
Get the holiday vibe started
We accomplished on making this ecstatic couple wedding came true. Every family member and friends came with smiles. We feel grateful for every guest that came making memories for this beautiful couple. We encourage every bride-to-be to keep the mood alive, being stressful and anxious is the last thing we want.
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21 April 2017
Love Finds Their Way Back Home
Arthur & Priska
Long story short they decided to tie the knot
The bride has one of a kind personality, a lovable family loving girl. We designed their wedding to look as if they’re on a honeymoon getaway. From the very beginning we can see how much love they share just by looking at each other.
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20 April 2017
Beautiful To Begin With
Sujono & Herlina
We want every guest that came feel instantly connected
The whole atmosphere was concerted behind these two’s family oriented personality. A romantic wedding that suits the Bali vibe. This family loving couple focuses on their intimate wedding on the island. We want every guest that came feel instantly connected.
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