10 January 2015
My Childhood Sweetheart
Favian & Devi
Who ever thought that girl, his childhood’s sweetheart would stand here now as his wife? Bam! It’s easy to fall in love with Devi. She is a super lovable person. She is a gorgeous, friendly, yet a smart kind of girl. Favian is an eligible bachelor, smart, good-looking, but most importantly a perfect match for Devi.
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02 May 2014
Magic Spell on God of Island
Eksan & Shyntia
The Beauty of Dawn
"Because I was the west of the earth, and you become the complement dusk."

There are times when we have one desire, to share with other person. We hope to offer a new perspective. To learn and grow, show our world to the special one. Sometimes, circumstance prevents us to find out ‘the special one’. We might found the bad one, then the right one, or the bad one but had everything we want.
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06 July 2013
Melody of Love
Sonny & Jenny
With This Song I ask You To Be Mine
How did you found your eternal love? Through your life school? In the middle of a party? Accidentally or arranged? Well, for Sonny and Jenny, piano is the way for them to get along together. They were met through piano lesson. And fall in love through The Prayers song. Hmm..
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18 November 2012
One Day in God of Island
Baldin & Joy
The Night We Never Forget
What do you want to do for your wedding party? Romantic situation? Cheesy story? Magnificent party?

Baldin and Joy made their perfect wedding with their own perfect perception. They held a wonderful wedding party at Taman Bhagawan, Bali. This place took their heart because they made a big garden party. You know, Bali, this Island of God, many couple tying the knot in Bali. It is a place with a beauty of nature that effortlessly makes you fall in love over and over again. The warm sun, families, beautiful view, anything that you won’t expect before. Can you imagine how romantic it is? How wonderful it is?
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02 June 2012
Retro, Emo, and Lego!
Kristo & Paulina
Because Love is About Finding Your Missing Piece in a Unique Way
When we met them for the very first time, we were so excited. Why? Not only because the will have their wedding day at Bali, but also because we found them a very unique couple.
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